Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Publishing Secrets with Arnaldo Lopez Jr., Author of 'Chickenhawk'

Name: Arnaldo Lopez Jr.              
Book Title: Chickenhawk
Genre: Thriller/Crime
Publisher: Café Con Leche books
Thank you for your time in answering our questions about getting published.  Let’s begin by having you explain to us why you decided to become an author and pen this book?
Arnaldo: I’ve always loved writing, and after observing the interaction between young male prostitutes and their johns while working as a token booth clerk for the NYC subway, I felt that I had a compelling story to tell.
Is this your first book?
Arnaldo: Yes it is.
With this particular book, how did you publish – traditional, small press, Indie, etc. – and why did you choose this method?
Arnaldo: I chose indie publisher, Café Con Leche books primarily because it seemed like such a good match. Agent Leticia Gomez and I share a common vision concerning my writing goals and my current novel.
Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey?  The pros and cons?
Arnaldo: The pros are all related to my working with the wonderful people of Café Con Leche books! The cons were the amount of work still needed to get the novel ready for publication even after I thought that all of the work was done!
What lessons do you feel you learned about your particular publishing journey and about the publishing industry as a whole?
Arnaldo: Major or “traditional” publishers as a whole still have a problem understanding the Latino voice or point-of-view. They usually want to play it safe and so overlook a lot of great stories and authors.
Would you recommend this method of publishing to other authors?
Arnaldo: Sure, as long as they’re lucky or diligent enough to find as great an organization as I did in Café Con Leche books!
What’s the best advice you can give to aspiring authors?
Arnaldo: Finish what you start. They are a lot of great partial and even full manuscripts that are hidden away in sock drawers, hope chests, computers, and so on. Do your research, and don’t give up.


Title: Chickenhawk
Genre: Thriller
Author: Arnaldo Lopez Jr.
Publisher: Koehler Books/Café Con Leche books
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About the Book:

Chickenhawk is an urban crime fiction novel that showcases New York City's diversity, as well as the dark side of race relations, politics, sexuality, illness, madness, and infidelity. Eddie Ramos and Tommy Cucitti are Manhattan North Homicide detectives after a serial killer that manages to stay below their radar while the body count keeps climbing in a city that’s turning into a powder keg.

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