Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guest Blogger: Book Publishing Secrets of Mystery Novelist Robert Greer

As far as I am concerned, there is only one publishing secret and that is to treat writing as a job, which means for most people that they must firmly plant themselves in a chair and work at the task of writing as one would approach any other job. Write everyday and try not to treat your job like a hobby or a lark. I typically write three hours every day when I’m working on a novel, generally ten months out of any year.

A second secret that I might share relates to the fact that if you’re going to get into the writing game, it’s best to come with a portfolio. A portfolio that shows that you are capable of doing what you claim you can do. That portfolio can include examples of ones technical writing, if you’ve been a technical writer, short stories if you are a short story writer, or writing for a local newspaper, or your fraternity or sorority newsletter, for example.

Aside from those two tips, I’m not certain that I have any other secrets of value.
Robert Greer is the author of the mystery novel, BLACKBIRD FAREWELL. You can visit his website at

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