Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Book Publishing Secrets with Michael Okon

Michael Okon is an award-winning and best-selling author of multiple genres including paranormal, thriller, horror, action/adventure and self-help. He graduated from Long Island University with a degree in English, and then later received his MBA in business and finance. Coming from a family of writers, he has storytelling in his DNA. Michael has been writing from as far back as he can remember, his inspiration being his love for films and their impact on his life. From the time he saw The Goonies, he was hooked on the idea of entertaining people through unforgettable characters.

Michael is a lifelong movie buff, a music playlist aficionado, and a sucker for self-help books. He lives on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife and children.

His latest book is the YA Fiction/Monsters/Thriller Monsterland Reanimated.



About the Book:

After Monsterland has imploded, the entire world is thrown into chaos. World leadership is gone, economies have collapsed, and communications are non-existent.  Wyatt must go beyond the
boundaries of his small town to reestablish contact with the outside world, and alert the government about a traitor-in-chief.

During his journey he discovers a new threat released from the bowels of the defunct theme park.

When an army of relentless mummies, a life-sucking ooze called The Glob, and a hybrid reanimated Behemoth rise from the depths of Monsterland, who will survive?


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Thank you for your time in answering our questions about getting published.  Let’s begin by having you explain to us why you decided to become an author and pen this book?
Author: I’ve been writing since I’m five years old. Fast forward 35 years later. I have 3 best-selling self-published self-help books, 15 self-published novels, a literary agent, an entertainment attorney, a film agent, two published books,
Is this your first book?
Author: Nope. Number 19.
With this particular book, how did you publish – traditional, small press, Indie, etc. – and why did you choose this method?
Author: I was picked up by this incredible boutique press called WordFire, ran by the incomparable Kevin J. Anderson.
Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey?  The pros and cons?
Author: My agent decided to go with a boutique publisher for my first book so I could get my feet wet. It’s been incredible working with real professionals. With self-publishing, you have to do everything yourself. With a publisher, you basically have unlimited support and they handle everything.
What lessons do you feel you learned about your particular publishing journey and about the publishing industry as a whole?
Author: The publishing process is slow. You have to trust the people and the process to come out with the best product.
Would you recommend this method of publishing to other authors?
Author: If you have an agent, definitely. Better off starting small and building to a bigger position, than starting big. I’d much rather be a big fish in a little pond, then a small fish in a big pond.
What’s the best advice you can give to aspiring authors?
Author: Be patient! Nothing happens overnight. You will not be able to buy the yacht quite yet.

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