Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Publishing Secrets with Robert V Baynes, Author of 'The Day the Dollar Died'

Name: Robert V Baynes
Book Title: The Day the Dollar Died
Genre: Political / Christian Novel
Publisher: Self published
Thank you for your time in answering our questions about getting published.  Let’s begin by having you explain to us why you decided to become an author and pen this book?
Robert : I felt like I had a message I needed to get out. I decided that putting it in story form would be the easiest to read and could get the message across the best.
Is this your first book?
Robert: Yes
With this particular book, how did you publish – traditional, small press, Indie, etc. – and why did you choose this method?
Robert: I published it on create space. I chose that because I had heard the stories of authors who spent years trying to get a publisher to publish their work and sometimes never getting it published.
Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey?  The pros and cons?
Robert: The good thing about self publishing like I did is that it is relatively easy to get the book to market on Amazon. The bad thing is that it is very difficult to publicize the book and get people to know about it.
What lessons do you feel you learned about your particular publishing journey and about the publishing industry as a whole?
Robert: People sometimes think that writing a book is hard and quite an accomplishment. Actually, writing the book is the easy part. Getting people to know about the book and to buy it is the hard part.
Would you recommend this method of publishing to other authors?
Robert: Probably, but I would warn them that this is only the beginning.
What’s the best advice you can give to aspiring authors?
Robert: First of all, make sure that your book is good enough to cause people to want to read it. If you have a good product, then you will have to work very hard to promote it. It is a long process and doesn’t usually happen overnight.

Title: The Day the Dollar Died
Genre: Political/ Christian  Fiction
Author: Robert V Baynes
This is a novel about an ordinary farmer who finds that his country is changing and it affects his own life. He loses more than he ever imagined and has to make some hard choices to save his family.
The main character is John Birch and he has a pretty good life. He has a great wife and children and is doing pretty well financially. He gets to do a job he loves and still spends time with his family. He finds that circumstances beyond his control change his world so that he ends up losing the financial security he worked so hard to build up. All he has left is his family and now he has to risk everything to try to save them from an ever growing government.
This book is very realistic and follows a line of thinking  that many find very logical and possibly inevitable.

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