Sunday, April 12, 2009

THE DEPTH OF MY SOUL by Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda

To be honest with you, I never thought that I would imagine myself publishing a book. It was one of the things, I feared to do. But now, it is a hobby to me and I enjoy it. I began to write my first book, “The Depth of My Soul” in August 2008. I struggled to find a title, which suite my book. Before I began writing my first book, I spent time looking for a publisher who would value my book. However, I had doubts finding a Danish publisher, who would publish my book. Then I decided to look for publisher on the internet across United States and Canada, but there were publishers that would not allow anybody to publish their books, if they aren’t residents in United States or Canada. In September 2008, I wanted to publish with Publish Today, which is situated in Owings Mills, Maryland. However, they don’t do any direct marketing or sales for books. They provide a small marketing packet that would give me helpful tips to start selling my book. I did not have a good approach about this idea because I expected to find a publisher that would let my book be available on his website.

I discovered Trafford Publishing, which has offices in the U.S. Canada and the U.K. I really wanted to publish my book with them, but I came up with the conclusion that I wasn’t financially stable enough to publish a book with them. Trafford Publishing is one of the most credible publishers, I have discovered because they have a wonderful service to new authors, who want their books to be published.

I kept struggling finding a publisher that would value my talent as a writer. Between October and November 2008, I gave up on finding a publisher that would publish my book and I put the idea of me writing a book aside. When I went at , I found a publisher that promoted their service and it was about becoming a published author in minutes. I was very sceptic about their offers, but I decided to give it a try. I was very glad at first. However I had face struggles with the margins of my documents and it took me a while to get it publish. When my book got published, I was very happy.

Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda is the author of the book of poetry, The Depth of My Soul. You can visit his website at