Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GUEST BLOGGER: Book Publishing Secrets of Contemporary Fiction Author William Petrick

After trying to entice an agent for many months, one finally signed me up but the book went nowhere. Next, I took some advice from a publishing exec in New York who suggested I write to editors as well as small, independent presses. Pear house actually had seen a short story of mine in a literary magazine and so were receptive. I was worried about what would happen at a small press but it has been incredible. Neither my book nor my emails are ignored and they have been extremely supportive from edit to launch. One secret: their editor inspired me to re-do the last third of the book. I was wildly resistant at first but, in the end, made it a much better novel.

William Petrick is an Emmy Award-winning documentary producer/director who has created programs for National Geographic, Discovery, MTV, Court TV and many other cable and broadcast networks. He is currently a senior producer with Bill Moyers Journal on PBS. You can find out more about William's book by clicking here.

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