Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guest Blogger: Book Publishing Secrets of David S. Grant, author of BLEACH / BLACKOUT

I am the author of Corporate Porn, Emotionless Souls, and The Last Breakfast. My current book I’m promoting is the double novel Bleach|Blackout from Offense Mechanism, an imprint of Silverthought Press.. Bleach tells the tale of coming back home for the holidays to find decadence that forces a look inside. Blackout is a dark comedy with the theme of living moment to moment. A story about living.

My journey into the world of fiction started in 2003 when I originally wrote Bleach. I would go on to self-publish this book and promote via press releases and email. During this time I also wrote many short stories that found their way into literary journals and online writing communities. A couple of these stories found their way onto Silverthought.com. In 2004 I wrote my second novel, Corporate Porn, and was fortunate to be considered (and chosen) as part of the first books published by Silverthought Press. To promote Corporate Porn, postcards where printed and distributed, I promoted via online channels (blog, MySpace, etc…), and also coordinated a book signing.

During this time I also started writing a sequel to Bleach, later to become Blackout, and published through Offense Mechanisms, an imprint of Silverthought Press, in April 2008 as a double novel (complete with topsy-turvy covers). For promotion this time around I have focused very heavily on online websites featuring authors, promotion through my website (http://www.davidsgrant.com), and approaching local bookstores, introducing myself, and gauging interest on selling my books and/or hosting a signing isn’t easy, but necessary. Most books will not be sold through bookstores, but it’s still important to make your work available whether through purchase or consignment basis.

Online I have utilized the social network MySpace as well as the writing social network Author’s Den. My website (http://www.davidsgrant.com) serves as a portal to all of my works (publisher websites), reviews, articles, and contacts. Craigslist and EBAY are two additional online avenues that are free and allow authors to sell their work to a much larger audience than would typically be available through traditional channels.

I have found much success through Pump Up Your Books virtual (online) book tours. I am currently on my third virtual tour (this is one of the stops!) and am able to promote across multiple channels via interviews, reviews, and articles.

My next novel, Blood-The New Red, is scheduled to be published in 2009. I expect to utilize many of the areas I have used in the past as well as build on the network I have created and create new opportunities.

Thank you for having me. I do believe anyone that reads Bleach|Blackout will enjoy themselves. The humorous story, littered with pop culture throughout, will have you knee deep in the characters addictions before you know it. Thanks again. -David

About the Author:

David S. Grant is the author of Corporate Porn, published by Silverthought Press in 2006. David's first novel Bleach and sequel titled Blackout are now available through Offense Mechanisms, an imprint of Silverthought Press. Also, newly published in 2008 the novel The Last Breakfast and short story collection Emotionless Souls through Brown Paper Publishing. David lives and works in New York City.

About the Book:

Fans of fluffy romance novels and that all-too-familiar, over-hyped, edge-of-the-seat crap should steer clear. This is life at its most jaded. Offense Mechanisms is proud to present Bleach | Blackout by David S. Grant, two novels about drugs, sex, revenge, the corporate crunch, and the inevitable unpleasantness of life and death.

You can visit David's website at www.davidsgrant.com/ to read an excerpt!

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