Friday, October 10, 2008

Book Publishing Secrets of Poet Laura Grossman

My own personal story for getting published was that I tried many times and sometimes an editor would say the work has great potential which helped me to persist in my publishing goals. I found Publish America on the computer and had emailed to them a cover letter and sample of my poetry. They liked it and so I used them. I couldn't wait for a NY publisher because it would take too long a time so I used Publish America. I wrote my first poetry book - The Sighing of the Winter Trees - because it helped me break into the writing field.

Laura Grossman graduated from Lehman College with a degree in English literature and won several awards from poetry contests. She has attended poetry readings and has enjoyed positive feedback on her work.

You can visit her website here.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! For those following Laura's virtual book tour, she will be appearing at The Writer's Life tomorrow!

  2. Mark Levine's book, "The Fine Print of Self-Publishing" might be helpful to you. I reviewed it at my blog, The Book Connection, and it gives authors a lot of options for when they decide to self-publish. It rates 45 self-publishers by how author friendly the contract is.

    Best of luck with your tour, Laura.