Monday, September 3, 2007

PARTIALLY HUMAN by Dwayne G. Anderson

My name is Dwayne Gerald Anderson and I am a young Canadian author who hopes to succeed in the publishing world and make it big. Through my written works, I have found a way to express my deepest thoughs, concerns, and emotions.

Ironically, as a child, I wasn't much of a creative person. When I was in an early grade, I was given an assignment by the teacher that no one else got. While the other students were to write a creative story of their own, I was already given a story to work with. My job was to fill in the missing details as to how the main character solved his problems. This was my first experience in creative writing. I later wrote and illustrated a storybook about a spider and a tortoise that was pretty silly, but I did enjoy the experience, and the teacher loved it.

In my teens, I wrote fiction for the Rugrats, All Grown Up, and later, Futurama. Last year before the Christmas season, I wrote a christmas-themed fiction story for the animated movie "Cats Don't Dance," which was posted on Christmas day.

My writing career as a novelist began in September 2001, not long after the events of 9/11. I even dedicated "Alien Conflict" to those who lost their lives in the tragedy as well as those who struggled for world peace which was a very serious issue in the book. This however was my weakest book in terms of story telling as I never bothered having it proofread. It didn't sell many copies as well, almost all of them were bought by my dad to sell in his store, and he still hasn't sold them all.

My second written book was "Hellfire Apocalypse", published in 2004, one and a half years after Alien Conflict was published. It too was a weak work, and hardly sold any copies at all before the publisher went out of business.

My third recently published book is also my most ambitious. "Partially Human", based on my own experiences of being different and living with Asperger Syndrome, is the story about a teenager who suddenly finds his life turned upside down when a shocking personal secret about him is revealed that he is carrying the genes of a dying alien species. Now, all he has left are his family, friends, girlfriend, and a select few others who come to sympathize with his plight.

Partially Human deals with many issues that are very real to teens and young adults in society. Each of the major characters faces at least one of these issues that happens to people in real life, such as being alienated, a teen unwed mother, drug usage, loss of family, domestic violence, abuse, and finding where you belong.

I spent three months on the rough draft of Partially Human, then spent the next three years in my spare time doing some serious editting, proof-reading, and reading it over. When I was finally satisfied, I searched for a publisher. Everyone I submitted it to rejected it. It was finally accepted by one publisher, but it went out of business before publication was completed. Finally, I found Infinity Publishing, and in late April, I held the proof-copy in my hand. The finalized product was published in May, and I am very proud of how it turned out.

I hope to get my message out to the readers that we can live in a world without prejudice and ignorance, and instead, live in a world where people are accepted for who they are and not rejected for being different.

Dwayne G. Anderson

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