Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DOMINIC by Hazel Statham

I have to admit that when I started writing at fifteen it was with no thought of publication and it remained so throughout the years. It was just a compulsion that wouldn't be ignored and I wrote for myself, thoroughly enjoying recreating my own historical world. I am fascinated by history, especially the Regency and Georgian eras and I devoured books by Georgette Heyer and other like authors. However, when I married at twenty-three I had less time for writing and for several years wrote very little. It wasn't until I had to finish working through ill health that the urge to write came upon me again and I wrote four books in quick succession. My compulsion to write had returned!

When I had produced my fifth novel, a friend suggested that I contact an agent and gave me an address in Sarasota. I contacted the agent and was immediately accepted. However, I soon found that it was not a good agency to be with and withdrew my work. This discouraged me from sending out my work to anyone else.

Wanting to improve my writing, I joined a writers' group at our local college. The lecturer who headed the group was very complimentary about my work and strongly suggested I tried approaching a publisher but I was still not convinced. However, when my husband also started badgering me to submit, I started looking for a suitable publisher to approach. As all my work is done on the computer, it was to the interned I turned in my search. I wanted a publishing house that would accept electronic submissions but, sadly, there appeared to be none in the UK, so I turned my attentions to the USA. To my delight, there were several publishers who would accept submissions by e-mail and I contacted All Romance Books who appeared to be seeking the type of novels I wrote. To my utter delight they immediately offered me contracts on both the books I had submitted. 'Dominic' was published in July, 2005 but sadly, before 'My Dearest Friend' reached the shelves, due to the owner's demise, the company closed.

At this time, I was awaiting a heart bypass and, believing I had had my five minutes of fame, I just didn't have the energy to start approaching new publishers. However, shortly after my surgery, purely as a morale booster and heartened by my previous success, I decided to seek publication once more. This time, I sent out three manuscripts and was amazed to receive contracts for all three within six weeks. I was to be a published author once again! Wings ePress took 'Dominic' and 'My Dearest Friend', whilst Triskelion took 'The Portrait'. I then submitted yet another to Wings, 'His Shadowed Heart' and they took that too.Everything appeared to be going exceedingly well until, just before 'The Portrait's' September release date, Triskelion went into liquidation.

So far, the review sites have been very generous about my books and it has encouraged me to continue with my quest for publication. I currently have two more manuscripts out with publishing houses but, for the moment, my rights to 'The Portrait' are still tied up in the bankruptcy hearing. However, once they are released, I will be looking for another home for that too.

In the main, I write solely for myself with no thoughts to markets or trends, I just listen to my characters telling their stories. Publication is a very exciting and rewarding bonus and I am constantly amazed and delighted that others enjoy my work.

I would say to anyone who has the desire to write - just do it - you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Hazel Statham
Author of DOMINIC

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  1. thank you for the interview!
    i would never have the guts ,even if i had the igmagnation!