Thursday, July 26, 2007

YOU HAD ME AT HALO by Amanda Ashby

I had been writing and submitting books for almost six years before I got my agent (the amazing Jenny Bent from Trident Media) and over that time I had about 12 completed books and loads of proposals as well. I think the reason it took so long was because I wasn't quite sure what sort of books I wanted to write, so I tried my hand at just about everything (though my
lovely cps thankfully stopped me before I started writing my serial killer idea!!).

However, after a particularly brutal rejection, I did consider packing the whole thing in. Of course this didn't last very long, but after a dark night of the souls, I decided that there was a good chance that I might never get published and that therefore I should just start writing the sort of books I really wanted to write.

The next book I wrote still didn't get me an agent, but the rejections were getting a lot more detailed and I felt like I was getting closer. Then my dad died, and on the day of his funeral I kept imagining that he was somewhere upstairs supplying an alternative commentary to his funeral. This was the trigger for a book idea and I wrote it, got an agent and a book sale all within six months of his death - which after six years of trying, all suddenly felt a little bit surreal (in the best possible way of course!!)

The book, You Had Me at Halo, is actually coming out on August 7th and I've since sold two young adult books to Puffin.

Amanda Ashby
Author of You Had Me at Halo (August 2007 NAL)
Zombie Queen of Newbury High (Spring 2009 Puffin)

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